Inspiration comes from external influences and more importantly internal feelings which effects the way the external is perceived, viewed or accepted.  

We all know this to be true.  Some artists are inspired by beautiful scenery whilst others are moved by darker seedy city and street scapes.  Svein is not moved to paint beautiful green valleys, seascapes or street scenes. He is a studio painter.  His subconscious collects information,  which then becomes visible via his abstract paintings.

Koningen’s latest work, although abstract,  has a feeling wintery landscape with glimpses of colour and the promise of spring and summer.   Symbols representing various fleeting images of street life with people going about their daily life now have life in the Street Scenes series. 

The beauty of abstraction is for the viewer to interpret the artist's work.

Koningen's wilderness series is inspired by the northern Provence region of France.  The fields of lavender and sunflowers are depicted by bold splashes of vivid purples and bold yellows. 

The lastest works by Koningen are in the Summer 2014 gallery.   Join our mailing list and stay informed of our latest offers.  

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