Location Brugge, Belgium

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'Svein Koningen'  Abstract Expressionist 

For Koningen inspiration comes from both external influences and of course the internal abstract thinking of a studio artist..  He states he never plans an exact work allowing the paint and the internal unconscious to come through.  Change is a must for this artist.  

Born in post war Norway (1946) Koningen and his mother joined his Dutch father in Amsterdam before the family moved to Geelong Australia in 1953.  Koningen pursued an Art and Industrial Design Degree but left shortly before graduation.  His independent personality going against the confining restrictions of the time Koningen left to get on with life.  He promptly began work as a graphic artist.  Not suited to a boring office job he took up a management position with the family business in Curacao in the Caribbean.  So sets the scene of change and diversity being a constant for Koningen.

His paintings explore the relationship between colour combinations and texture. He works intuitively not planning ahead rather going with flow of paint with large palette knives & brushes on canvas creating from the subconscious.  Creating bold exciting canvases bursting with vibrant colour and the viewer is drawn to touch the art to feel the ridging textures.  Paring and scraping back paint revealing glimpses and stories within the larger abstract story. The paintings tell of various experiences of the artist for the viewer.  Not confined to particular styles his work can vary from a semi abstract expressionist Monet’s Summer Garden to watercolours and nudes then a very large pure abstract.  Abstraction is his passion being born out of his art studies in the 1960’s.

More recent works include the After Rothko Series.  Inspiration from 20th Century artist Mark Rothko's colour field paintings with beautifully hued colour blocks. Koningen was inspired to do his own colour field paintings incorporating texture to give another depth to his colour field workds.

"To own a Koningen has been likened to being in a love affair that keeps you spellbound as the painting keeps revealing hidden secrets from within." quote from Belgian Collector

The beauty of abstraction is for the viewer to interpret the artist's work finding stories of images hidden within the canvas.

Koningen's  Wilderness series, is inspired by the northern Provence region of France.  The fields of lavender and sunflowers are depicted by bold splashes of vivid purples and bold golden yellow.

           The artist at Work out of the studio



Born  Trondheim, Norway  1946

Netherlands  Amsterdam  1946  -   1954

Australia    Geelong  1954  -  1968

Caribbean  Curacao  1968  -  1972

United Kingdom  London  1972  -  1975

Australia    Brisbane, Melbourne  1976  -  1996

France    La Garde Freinet   1996  -  1997

Australia    Noosa Heads  1997  -  2004

Europe    Brugge, Belgium  2005  -   current

Solo exhibitions

2013  Art Gent, International Art Fair  Gent  Belgium

2013  Art & Design,  Du Fosse  Brugge  Belgium

2012  Paintings from a Brugge Studio  St Kilda  Melbourne  Australia 

2012  No Limits! Just Abstraction   Blast Gallery  Paris     France

2011  Koningen @ Cultuurcentrum  De Brouckere  Torhout    Belgium

2011  Duet of Sculptures   Hof Van Ryhove Space  Gent  Belgium

2009  Un Reve Colore  Espaces Loungeatude    Louvain-la-Neuve  Belgium

2007  Subconscious Abstraction   GC Oude Pastorie  Mechelen  Belgium

2006  Embracing Roussillion  First Line  Knokke      Belgium

2006  Noir et Blanc     First Line    Knokke    Belgium

2005  Antipodean Reflections  Gondwana Gallery  Sydney    Australia

2004  Abstract Blues  Lynne Wilton Gallery  Melbourne  Australia

2004  Exposing Abstract Colour   Bark Modern Art  Hong Kong  China

2004  Abstract  Lynne Wilton Gallery  Melbourne  Australia

2003  Abstract Colours Unearthed   Lynne Wilton Gallery  Melbourne  Australia

2002  Senses Come Alive  Noosa Regional Gallery  Noosa  Heads  Australia 

2001  Palm Beach Art  Sydney    Australia

1999  Colours  Regent St Gallery  Sydney    Australia

1997  Mediterranee Series   Boab Gallery  Brisbane  Australia

1996  Following a Passion,  QuisQaulis Art Space  Brisbane  Australia

group exhibitions

2016  Mitchell Contemporary Palm Springs  USA

2015  Windsor Contemporary ARt Fair, Windsor  England UK

2015  Mitchell Contemporary  Aspen & Vail, Colorado  USA 

2014  Mitchell Contemporary  Aspen & Vail, Colorado  USA

2010  2 x Brugge in Koekelare  Bementebestuur Van   Koekelare  Belgium

2010  Shine  Keunekapel  Koksijde    Belgium

2010  Quintessence-Actions Colours    Jan Garemijnzaal Belfort  Brugge    Belgium

2009   Quintessence 09  Jan Garemijnzaal Belfort  Brugge    Belgium

2009  Shine  Museums Alfons Blomme  Roeselare  Belgium

2008  House of World  Dubai     UAE

2008  Retail City  Dubai  UAE

2008  Quintessence  Jan Garemijnzaal Belfort  Brugge  Belgium

2005  Nocturn Art & Antique Art Fair  Knokke   Belgium

2005  Melbourne Affordable Art Fair  Exhibition Buildings  Melbourne  Australia

2004  Melbourne Affordable Art Fair  Exhibition Buildings  Melbourne  Australia

2004  Sydney Affordable Art Fair  Sydney  Australia

2002  Freedom of Spirit  Landscape & Destiny  Hong Kong  China

2001  Norton Gallery  Sydney  Australia

2000  Trevenen House Gallery  Brisbane  Australia

1998  Riverworks Gallery  Noosa Heads  Australia

1998  Hyatt International Hotel  Coolum  Australia

1998  Fairmont Resort  Blue Mountains Resort  Sydney  Australia

1998  Hilton Hotel  Sydney  Australia

1997  Arte Padova  Padua  Italy 

1996  Arte Padova  Padua  Italy

1996  Gallery Conigliano  Conigliano  Italy

1995  Qdos Gallery  Lorne  Australia

1995  Jackman Gallery  Melbourne  Australia

private collections & commissions

DP Central & Onsen Spa  Dinner Plains  Australia 

Kerr Collection  Melbourne & Sorrento  Australia

International InDesign  (commissions & collections)  Noosa & Melbourne  Australia 

Colliers International  Melbourne    Australia

Winward Structures  Melbourne  Australia

Dewaz  Brussels   Belgium

Bergblick Hotel & Natur  Grän  Austria

Bogacki Property Consultants  Christchurch  New Zealand

ASD Funds Management   Australia

Cumberland Resort    Lorne  Australia

Outrigger International Resort, Mantra  Mooloolaba  Australia] 

Brown Family  Hong Kong  China

1669   Brugge  Belgium

Nagel Family Collection  France

Commissioned paintings for many international clients, both private and corporate.





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